Lungs, Heart, and Mind of Gaia

   Synopsis           Through 7+ years of research, I...

Through 7+ years of research, I have come to understand that our dear planet Gaia has a functioning biological ecosystem that is mirrored by our own, as is generally the case with all fractal congruence in nature. Our planet is replete with lungs, a heart, and a mind, those lungs being the Congo and the Amazon, the heart resting in Transylvania, and the mind processing diligently in Oregon, respectively. I would like to perform diligent surveys of these regions as a sovereign researcher, in the hopes of archiving these regional & local perspectives on these forests into a consolidated global awareness of the structures and needs of our dear planet. My soul called me to do this; it is the primary reason I find myself applying to grants today.
  Proposal       This project is a documentary primarily...

This project is a documentary primarily focused on the preservation and emancipation of Gaia, but must start with a mutual and consolidated baseline of global understanding. As a mono-planet civilization, I, a humble diplomat for humanity, consider this topic extraordinarily important, and have already pledged my soul’s current lifetime to this mission.
I intend to embolden this documentary through a mixture of three proven cinematic techniques: an investigative documentary structure for the main narrative beats, extended "ambient" terrestrial and aquatic wildlife & nature scenes for inspiration and tempo control, and pepperings of genuine adventurous and high-adrenaline moments captured in a frenetic format that oscillates between UV-and-IR-enhanced imaging and a unique found-footage format.

The ideal pacing would be a 6-9 month gestation process. The breakdown is quite simple: two weeks of pre-production and logistics, a season of immersion in each of the five perceived biomes* (we have already spent eight months in Transylvania), and roughly two months of post-production, color grading, sound design, etc. An additional 2-4 months for contracts, marketing, and release programming should complete what I consider to be a comprehensive roadmap for this arboreal documentary.

*the five perceived biomes are calid/desert, forest/arboreal, jungle/tropical, mountain/wasteland, and arctic.


I intend to film this as a minimal-crew production, a feat that my years of freelance journalism have prepared me well for, but am also excited for the possibility of our budget allowing the addition of additional crew members. Realistically, I expect most of the production budget to go to travel logistics, guides, humanitarian efforts encountered in the field, and much more along the journey. 
One of my key strategies for the long-term success of this documentary is to release in as many languages as I can possibly reach, intended through the use of AI translation software and international proofreaders. I also intend to apply for every award and film festival we meet the criteria for, in the hopes of accelerating the adoption of the eco-centric paradigm that informs the motif and motivation of this film.

The most tangible outcome I pray for would be the unified planetary decision to prioritize preservation of green borders over all else. Short of that, I hope to create a community of global eco-philanthropists, that we may shepherd the new era of enlightenment together. My research on Gaia is quite suitable for exhibits, books, films, and websites. My data is, in fact, already featured on all of these platforms in varying degrees. To that end, I am currently working with various universities, influencers, and organizations, and am currently stationed in Transylvania, which is considered by many to be the pulsing heart of Gaia, where I have already built a deep intimacy with the Hoia forest. I hope to do the same with the Amazon and Congo Rainforests, as well as with the Malheur National Forest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my documentary dreams. Funding, collaboration, production, and marketing services would be a Godsend to our team.
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Our Director

Saludos! I am a globe-trotting director, artist, writer, and entrepreneur currently living in Transylvania. I periodically shift around the world in order to collect an expanding array of cultural perspectives, biome experiences, historic research, and much more, all with a deep sense of gratitude for the unfolding patterns of beauty that these emerging cultures have created. 

I have been a finalist for the DearMoon project, a selected speaker for McAllen's Spanish heritage month, am the founder and director of Alta Vista, founder of the culture, arts, and innovation advisory board for the city of McAllen, am a past tenant of the artist-manned McAllen Creative Incubator (and thus serve as a cultural ambassador for my region), and much more. I perceive us to be entering an era of enlightenment, the dawn of global human consciousness, and solemnly pledge my life to being a shepherd of truth, love, and vision for the world, that we may never lose our way as Humana has done countless times in aeons past. 

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