Documentary chronicling the steadfast capital of Kyiv, the destruction caused by the callousness of Russian aggression, and the brave souls who stand to lose it all as they wait for help from the outside world.  To help, visit
From Texas to Ukraine, and many places in between, we are pleased to share our 2023 Broadcast Reel., featuring cell phone overlays to showcase our optimization standards for vertical viewing devices.  Deep waves of gratitude emanate from our hearts to The Lemming Shepherds for the use of their song "Escape on a Flatbed", to the various souls who appeared in this reel, and as always to God for making our wildest dreams come true. Hang in there loved ones, world peace is only a generation away.

Quo Modo Humana

Combining visual elements of technosophist surrealism with orchestral ensemble soundscapes and evocative narrative themes steeped in esoteric mysticism, the 2021 MIRAAA Media Festival Alta Vista submission "Quo Modo Humana" explores a hermit's quest for peace in a crowded world, the limits to their isolation, and the Schism they encounter along the way.

Father - Commercial

Commercial filmed for Green Beret (McAllen TX) using a blackmagic ursa mini pro 4.6K EF. No actors were harmed in the making of this film, but we did have over 50 rounds of stray gunfire soar over our heads right as we were wrapping up! Filming in the Texas woods certainly bears a unique risk...

dearMoon Video Application - Michael Angelo Medina

Clair de Lune performed by Briana Olivares ( Custom "dearMoon" flight suit embroidered by 5-Star Embroidery All clips used are royalty-free, or sourced from my own content library ... ... Captain Yusaku Maezawa is putting together a team of eight artists to accompany him on this trip around the moon.



Vida, Well Crafted: Episode 4 - RGV

No matter who you are or where you're from, Vida gives us all the same opportunity. The chance to proudly share who we share our Vida, well crafted. Over time, we've been fortunate to meet and work with some amazing Chingones who, empowered by their roots, their passion, and their unique points of view are crafting it well.

A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Representative

No two calls are the same when you work at one of Charter's Customer Service Call Centers. Just ask Customer Service Representative, Andy Martinez. When customers call in looking for help with everything from billing to assistance with their internet, tv or phone, Andy is on the other end of the call, making sure the process goes smoothly and the customer experience is truly enjoyable.

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