-multidimensional, self-similar fractal consciousness-...
-multidimensional, self-similar fractal consciousness-

Blending the realms of 3D modeling, digital fabrication, AR/VR, motion graphics, and projection-based artistry, Xuan’s technofuturist vision is an electric sheep’s dream.

Juan Carlos “Xuan” Licerio draws inspiration from artists and illusionists such as M.C. Escher, Salvador Dalí, and Beeple, supplementing the specificity of these talents with an understanding of a broader range of artistic movements such as the Bauhaus movement (his personal favorite).

Xuan has exhibited at multiple community galleries including the Livery Gallery’s SpaceX Exhibit, several community shows along the border, and Galeria Cromatica in Mexico City. He has upcoming exhibits at the International Museum of Arts and Sciences, the city of McAllen’s Neuhaus Tower, and the Alt Gallery in New York City.

Above all else, Xuan enjoys challenging the perspective of the fractal network of mass consciousness by weaving surrealism, augmented reality, and spatial modeling into his works.

"...we are all organic growth patterns." -Xuan

Alta Vista

Design Agency manned by a diverse team of multimedia artists, offering bespoke creative services for brands looking to take a unique approach to their growth.
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