Journey to the Moon

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I can't wait to meet you, my dear Moon...

The slideshow gallery below was curated with love for the enjoyment of the dearMoon recruitment team, 

who I hope will see in these photographs my passion for all things astronomical, 

my desire to join the dearMoon team, 

and the years of stargazing that have led to this collection of images.

Sponsors and Endorsements

  Phase One, Pre-Flight   :   The goal here is to spend...
Phase One, Pre-Flight:

The goal here is to spend 2021-2023 gathering sponsors, running a media/press gamut, and building a long-term plan with my fellow artists to see what we can accomplish together. Climate change is the most logical and necessary mission in my opinion, but I'd love to see what the seven other artists have to say.

My intention here is to build up our team of eight spacebound artists as the backbone of a positive coalition dedicated to the betterment of mankind and the preservation of our world. 

And of course, lots of self care. I adopted a strict and healthy diet since I first heard about dearMoon, have been exercising regularly, and am following the health regiment that Astronaut Scott Kelly delineated in his Startalk podcast appearance ("The Right Stuff with astronaut Scott Kelly and Dr. Chris Mason").

Update 4/7:
Reached out to Canon regarding camera functionality in zero-gravity environments. Currently awaiting a response.

Update 4/8: 
As a prospective astronaut I have scheduled three press releases, had a Dallas-based video production feature me in a documentary about my region, have an artist from the Museo de las Bellas Artes in Mexico City painting me for his exhibit on the 17th of April, and am almost done with a promo photo session where I debut the custom dearMoon flightsuit I created.

Update 4/13:
Endorsed and painted by Uriel "Conquista" Landeros, renowned activist and artist. Learn More about Conquista here:

Update 4/17:
Officially endorsed by Ben Lowy, international award-winning photographer. Learn more about Ben here:

Update 4/22:
Officially endorsed by Jose Hernandez, first Latino astronaut in space. Learn more about Jose here:
  Phase Two, Journey to the Moon   :    Main Thesis:  I...
Phase Two, Journey to the Moon:

Main Thesis:
I am currently studying the photographs from the Gemini 9-12 missions, as well as from the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz mission, and intend to continue expanding my knowledge of all past photographer-manned missions to space. These early missions are crucial since the photographers on board took some stunning images, and studying these images gives me the experience of these past space photographers by proxy. In addition, by recreating those frames as closely as possible, I hope to demonstrate the visible changes our planet has undergone in the last five decades as a result of climate change.

Use my knowledge of past missions to recreate as many early-day (Gemini and Apollo Soyuz mission) earth photos as possible, as part of my broader thesis on climate change. Think about my loved ones. Feel my love for them connect us across space and time. Hug my fellow crew members. Enter my usual Bressonian photographic trance, embrace the Fibonacci sequence, and lose myself to the art. Photograph the earth as it fades away in the proverbial rearview mirror. Hope to return to space in several decades and photograph Gaia's healing process.

General Journey:
Rest as little as necessary. Document my fellow artists and their endeavors tirelessly. They need me for posterity. Periodic file upload + transmission to Earth if possible. Should anything happen to us, I would like for our images to survive, and our positive message to have a chance to inspire positive change, even in our absence.

During Sleep:
Cameras running timelapse operations for the duration of the trip, even when I sleep. If done correctly, I should be able to create a timelapse of this journey that captures our entire 5 day, 23-hour trip. I want all Earthkind to be able to relive our flight.

Orbiting the Moon:
This is the crucial photo. When we wrap around the dark side of the moon, we will be at odds with the sun, creating a unique eclipse like in the image above. I hope to incorporate the earth as well, if the timing is right. If we are unfortunate enough to have the earth be blocked by the moon (doubtful), we will still witness an incredible image: the dark side of the moon, surrounded by a solar corona, and stars dotting the image around it. Absolutely incredible opportunity.'

Same as Launch above, but in reverse. Pray.
  Phase Three, The Mission Continues:    To Be Disclosed,...
Phase Three, The Mission Continues:

To Be Disclosed, pending meetings and development with my future partners.

A better world, eventually. A healthier planet. A friendlier climate for my future children, for all our future children.
 As carbon-emission levels continue to surge by a...
A Very 
As carbon-emission levels continue to surge by a projected 1.5 billion tonnes in 2021, greenhouse gases continue to set record-high temperatures across the planet, glaciers continue to melt at a record-breaking 1.2 million tons of ice loss per year, and scientists across the globe continue to warn of the impending 2050 climate curve that threatens the human race with another mass extinction, one thing has become abundantly clear here:

We. Are. Not. Doing. Enough.

Gaia needs our help, now more than ever before. In a cruel twist of fate, it is our own actions that have put her health in peril. We should have accepted this and started making the necessary corrections decades ago when we first learned about climate change, but sadly this is not the case. We now find ourselves in 2021, at the mercy of our own over-indulgent pursuits, trapped on a planet that is getting hotter by the minute.

But the human will is resilient, and solutions are manifesting at a rapid pace. What the planet needs more than anything else is global recognition, an irrefutable proof of the changing climate.

I believe that my studies of the Gemini missions hold a possible solution to the climate denial crisis.

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