Alta Vista is a non-profit agency dedicated to the...

Alta Vista is a non-profit agency dedicated to the preservation of the environment, the fostering of design & engineering innovations, independent research on millennia of decentralized knowledge, and the continued celebration of creative expression.

Our current primary goal is to enable community-led innovation through the encouragement and guidance of eco-entrepreneurial maker spaces, and in doing so encourage humanity to steward positive conditions within the Gaiasphere for her long-lived health, as well as for the health of her diverse array of conscious and unconscious citizens. 

It is unfortunate that this planet was handed to our current living generations in such a deeply-wounded state, but the Alta Vista team is confident that through community-led innovation, humanity can collectively work to restore this lovely planet to her former glory.

To that end, Alta Vista is proud to offer complimentary, donation-based consultation services for any city in the world that is looking to incorporate these eco-friendly maker spaces into their infrastructure. Together, we can hand your citizens the keys to innovation.

We are primarily seeking three objectives:
  • funding for the creation of our aforementioned sovereign research and development facility, to foster continued development of cutting-edge eco-innovative designs
  • candidate cities for our global maker-space consulting services
  • continued funds for conscious investment in sideline agricultural & ecological production & preservation projects

Our maker space designs incorporate the following:
  • 3D printing/modeling stations
  • full-service design labs
  • fabrication labs with wet+dry workshops
  • community gardens with eco-innovation design spaces
  • end-to-end recycling/repurposing infrastructure 
  • meditation/spiritual alignment rooms
  • community film archival services 
  • Computational Art & Design Labs 
  • A.I. development labs
  • and much more

Using the limited maker space infrastructure at the McAllen Creative Incubator, the Alta Vista team has conceptualized, designed, and/or constructed innovative products such as:

  • Crisis-Response Rapid Deployment Housing Systems 
  • aloe vera batteries 
  • Utopia concepts
  • Terraforming Processes
  • Eco-innovations such as upcycled furniture & appliances, solar toasters, compostable toilets, roof-to-garden irrigation systems, terraforming protocols, and more
  • construction-grade building materials made from recycled materials 
  • solar glass
  • Rodin coil prototypes 
  • bespoke prosthetics
  • nurdle collection tanks
  • cutting-edge building design
  • and much more

Alongside these engineering innovations, the Alta Vista agency is forever proud to support the arts. The artists we represent get our full support in the creation of NFT’s, representation/management for gallery submissions, and the chance to work hand-in-hand with maker space engineers across the planet.

Our team is proud to have founded a Culture, Arts, & Innovation Advisory Board for the mayor of McAllen, provided maker space consultation services for the city of Edinburg, helped administrate a community arts incubator in the city of McAllen, are in the process of establishing a sovereign research and development facility, currently own a corrugated-processing plant in Michoacán, and provide global consultation services to various international brands.

Now is the time to take action. World peace is only a generation away.

Let’s get there together.

Alta Vista

Design Agency manned by a diverse team of multimedia artists, offering bespoke creative services for brands looking to take a unique approach to their growth.
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